What's Pilot?

"Pilot" is a magical navigation app that takes you to your destination without getting lost for sure even while traveling abroad. The use of it is simple. When you set a destination, an arrow appears on the screen. After that, all you have to do is just to walk in the direction of the arrow until the “distance remaining” reaches zero. By doing this, you can always get to your destination easily, even in a place you don’t know! We have already released an app with the same concept called "Waaaaay!". Six-hundred thousand users worldwide have used this app to get to their destinations quickly and successfully. Pilot is a totally new navigation app that has progressed beyond Waaaaay! by adding three special features as follows:

Three Special Features

1. Offline Navigation

Pilot is completely usable offline. In order to use general map apps, you have to be connected to the internet, but not with Pilot. That’s because, Pilot only needs GPS and an electronic compass to guide you to your destination. You can use GPS and an electronic compass anywhere in the world. Moreover, there is also no need for a SIM card contract.

2. Transfer Information

Pilot contains the location information of all stations. For that reason, you can search for transfer information to your destination from wherever you are. The subway systems of London and Tokyo are complicated, so tourists often get lost. If you have Pilot, you won’t. And of course this feature requires no internet connection, so you can use it offline.

3. Variety Of Content

Pilot contains a variety of content. You can freely choose from over 7,000 destinations including restaurants, tourist attractions, shopping malls, and bars. It includes pictures, comments, prices, and business hours for spots that are particularly popular among tourists. You can thoroughly enjoy your trip.

Available now

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Hong Kong guide
Paris, France guide
London, United Kingdom guide
New York, United States guide
Rome, Italy guide
Spain guide
Singapore guide
San Francisco, United States guide
Stockholm, Sweden guide
Zurich, Switzerland (Swiss) guide
Milan, Italy guide
Berlin, Germany guide
Munich, Germany guide
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Helsinki, Finland guide
Boston, United States guide
Manila, Philippines guide
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